Last minute decision and I was off to Germany, with a unknown borrowed bike, 1 week of training and before I knew in an arena racing against the best in the world, X games gold medalist and ENDURO X world champion Sandra Gomez, trials bike world champion Emma Bristol and the German WMX champion. With a course and obstacles I had never seen or ever imagined, let alone ride, it all was a very overwhelming and emotional experience.

I went into the race with no expectations, as I had no idea of what pace I was looking to match or who I was up against. In timed practice I got the first idea, with the first 2 ladies streaks ahead 3rd position was up for grabs. I qualified 4th just a few seconds behind 3rd.

Heat 1: trying to be as calm as I could, with 8000 people watching the nerves were sky high. Each heat 6 minutes plus 1 lap, what felt like a never ending race. Heart rate maxing and absolutely exhausting. I raced with a strong head, made no mistakes and tried to keep each lap consistent. I finished 3rd, very happy.

Heat 2: the heat that counted, where I ended here would be my final position and ofcourse I wanted to be on the podium because I knew it was possible. I was 3rd in the start, but my main opposition was infront of me. I started to close in on her and pushing to hard I made a mistake that cost me my chance at 3rd place. At the end of the night I was still happy with where I ended.

I came into this race with no experience in this format of racing, on a completely unknown bike, and raced against the best. I had fun through it all and left with a whole richer in experience and motivation to come back next year better and faster. I have to thank holger Dettman for making it possible, organizing everything, training and helping me out. To RedBull South Africa for the flight and Leader Tread for the support.


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