The legend Alfie Cox held his first ever extreme Enduro invitational event on the South Coast at the Hendersons farm near the town of Unzumbe. 40 of South Africa’s best extreme Enduro riders were handpicked by Alfie himself to compete in the race and I was very grateful to be apart of the mix and the only female rider.

The route was short but extremely technical, only 11kms long but with the most in your face, slippery, snotty rocky river beds. I can say it was the toughest extreme short course I had ever ridden.

The format worked in a way where all 40 riders started on the line together in a mass start for heat 1. The top 20 riders would progress into heat 2 and then in heat 2 the top 10 would progress into the final.

In heat 1, I worked my way from the back and finished in 16th position in 1H30mins making the 2nd heat. The 2nd heat was a lot harder with the track ridden in and all the passes were wet and muddy as well as covered in fuel from the riders infront so it was a longer lap for me and exhausting. I came home in 17th position really happy to have even made it into the 2nd heat against the best in our country.

The race was a great experience and lots of fun, really well organized and a fun day out for everyone.


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