Racing this year in defense of my previous years title in the Silver class, I knew the 2016 edition wouldn’t be so easy. With way more competitors, stronger competition and a tougher track I sure had my work cut out for me. 

The Prologue got the better of me as I cracked under pressure in attempt to set a perfect lap, making too many mistakes resulting in a bad lap time which meant I now had to start back of the pack in the silver class for the main race and i now had to do a lot of catching up. 

The race track and weather conditions resulted in an extremely tough day in the saddle. Temperatures reaching close to 36 degrees and the drought causing the ground to be extremely loose, which meant it was a constant fight for traction. After spending 5 hours in the saddle and teaming up with a fellow rider and friend Darren Grey we agreed to work together and got to the finish line together. 

My own navigational error in the beginning of the day resulted in a 45 minute penalty and therefor a second place finish behind Darren Gray.

Redbull Braveman is by far the toughest 1 day Enduro I’ve ever raced, the organizers put on such a great event with a lot of effort. I look forward to the 2017 edition.


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