Before entering the 2016 ROA, we discussed what class to enter. I wasn’t sure whether to enter Silver for the 3rd year or take a gamble and attempt my first ever Gold ROA. 

Needless to say, I took on the challenge and entered Gold. Going into the race I had no expectations what so ever. I took it on as more of a learning curve and an experience. 

Carrying through my success that the year 2016 had already given me I felt confident, fit and healthy going into the race. 

Having a fast and faultless time trial I finished in 40th position. Happy with going into day 1.

As always the longest and hardest day at the Roof. The extreme dry and hot conditions got the better of nearly every rider. Pushing from start to end and despite the rerouting of the track I was fortunate to have finished the day in 45th position and ready to get the last day of racing done. 

Out of all the extreme races, the ROA for me is the hardest, physically your body is permanently taking a pounding with blistered hands and bum, chaffed from knee braces, the sun is constantly beating down on you, the feeling when you out in the mountains and knowing that you may spend a night out in the malutis is emotionally taxing. So at the end of each riding day you are shattered from exhaustion and have to get up the next day and do it all again. 

getting up for that last day of racing I was scared but excited. Excited because the worst was over and it was ow just a ride to the finish line. It sure wasn’t an easy ride but we did it. 

Crossing that finish line, with my sister waving down the flag was a feeling no words can describe. Knowing what I had gone through to get there, the time, money and effort put in by my sponsors, the sacrifices and support from my family, friends and fans. I believe it was all worth it.

Racing extreme events, like i have always said is a team sport. My team – Brother Leader Tread KTM , my family, friends and fans behind me.


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