Saving Aninmals Movement – S.A.M

My love and passion for animals is my life, besides riding. My best friend Sammy a 3 year old Terrier X that was rescued from a informal settlement in Diepsloot, later taken to F.O.R.A where I was fortunate enough to be blessed with this bundle of joy that brings me so much love and happiness. With nature of my sport being outdoors across all terrains, we tend to cross a lot of informal settlements and rural villages where I continually come across less fortunate dogs and cats in these areas, that are malnourished, overbred and in dire need of help.

I want to be able to help those animals and give them a better chance at life, stop the overbreeding, educate the families on how to look after their animals and hopefully make a small difference.

My idea for the Saving Animals Movement is to give 50% of all money raised to the S.A.M Foundation which will be used to sterilize those dogs and cats found in rural and informal settlements. I have already started to collect food and blankets for those cats and dogs to give to them when they are returned to their homes, and if they have no homes we will help find them their forever homes

You can support the S.A.M Foundation by donating money, buying a raffle ticket or giving food to us for the cats and dogs.