Saving Animals Movement

My love and passion for animals is my life, besides riding. My best friend Sammy a 7-year-old Terrier X that was rescued from an informal settlement in Diepsloot, later taken to F.O.R.A where I was fortunate enough to be blessed with this bundle of joy that brings me so much love and happiness into my life. With nature of my sport being outdoors across all terrains, we tend to cross a lot of informal and rural settlements where I continually come across less fortunate dogs and cats in these areas, that are malnourished, overbred and in dire need of help.

I founded S.A.M to be able to help those animals and give them a better chance at life, stop the overbreeding, educate the families on how to look after their animals and hopefully make a small difference.

With my following and reach across South Africa, I use Saving Animals Movement as a way to create awareness, push for food and blanket drives and fundraise money which is used to sterilise dogs and cats in rural/informal settlements, other funds are used to pay for vet bills and buy food to donate to NPOs. At events I attend whether it be a race, fun ride, or a keynote speech I work alongside the organisers to collect food and blankets for shelters within the areas and that are in need and disperse to different NPOs.

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